Merrow Medical

What We Do

Make Technical Soft Goods

The Future of PPE & Medical Apparel Products

All Merrow Medical PPE & apparel products are made from the highest quality fabrics and knits. Partnering with the world class engineers of materials and technical fabrics at the Precision Fabrics Group has allowed for the implementation of their latest densely woven fabrics made from recycled materials.

The fabric provides fluid repellency, barrier to environmental contamination and lightweight durable comfort that can last up to 175 launders. Most impressively, with each launcher the PFG 66682 fabrics strengthen among fibers coming out stronger than before.

Why Does It Matter?

The technical fabric used in our products means that with every launder, every garment is actually getting stronger throughout its life. After every laundered item within the Net Zero line, all garments can be recycled and reused into another item, helping to drastically reduce are carbon footprint.

How Does It Help Me?

The technical fabrics used in are garments provide added durability and protection throughout the entirety of their life cycles. Our reusable products achive over 150 launders which directly impacts the bottom line of hospital and healthcare networks across the board.

"We are introducing sustainability in the supply chain for healthcare products; with regional US based manufacturing producing 100% recycled and recyclable products. This requires innovation and an aspiration to create enormous environmental impact while improving the security of supply for American healthcare providers."
Charlie Merrow