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Antigen Home Tests

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Remarkably simple COVID 19 rapid antigen tests. Self-collected, visually-read lateral flow test. Both symptomatic and asymptomatic use. Intuitive workflow: just “swab, swirl, and see.” Gentle lower nasal swab. <1 minute of “hands-on” time, 30-minute time to result. 

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InteliSwab™ COVID-19 Rapid Test

  • Self-collected, visually-read lateral flow test
  • Both symptomatic and asymptomatic1 use
  • Intuitive workflow: just “swab, swirl, and see”
  • Gentle lower nasal swab
  • < 1 minute of “hands-on” time, 30-minute time to result

3 InteliSwabTM configurations:

  • Over-the-counter Home Test (2-pack serial test)
  • Prescription Home Test (1-pack)
  •  Point-of-care bulk packs (healthcare professional use)

Simple and easy-to-use

Just 3 simple steps: swab, swirl and see your result. Intuitive workflow has no difficult or confusing steps:

  • No dropper and precise number of drops required
  • No complex manipulation of swab
  • No alignment of test strip onto Instructions For Use for interpretation
  •  No risk of damaging unprotected assay strip with accidental touching

No batteries, instruments or smartphones required to get a result. Clinically proven & easy-to-use.

Quick and efficient

  • Workflow requires < 1 minute of active, hands-on time

  • InteliSwabTM provides test results in hand in just 30 minutes

  • No lab send out needed


  • 9-month shelf life initially on all tests
  • No need for ancillary supplies such as nasal swabs or readers


  • Overall test performance: Positive Percent Agreement 84%, Negative Percent Agreement 98%

  • Clinical performance proven with untrained and unproctored lay-users

QuickVue™ At-Home COVID-19 Test

Quidel is a trusted innovator in the medical device industry for over 40 years and is a leading provider of rapid diagnostic testing solutions. The QuickVue test has FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and employs the same Quidel lateral flow technology used for decades by healthcare professionals. It is an at-home solution intended to detect antigens from SARS-CoV-2 from individuals with or without symptoms when tested twice over two or three days, and with at least 24 hours and no more than 36 hours between tests. This test is authorized for individuals aged 14 years and older, and individuals ranging in ages 2 to 14 must have the test administered by an adult.

Why QuickVue™?

  • Utilizes trusted technology by used for decades by healthcare professionals
  • FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)
  • Minimum order quantity as few as 100 tests
  • Convenient at-tome test
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Excellent performance, with positive results agreeing with PCR test 83.5%, and negative results agreeing with PCR test 99.2% of the time (PCR test actually detects RNA that is specific to the COVID-19 virus – usually done in a clinic, hospital, or drive-through site, and results can take 24 hours or more)

Testing will be critical throughout all stages of epidemic transition

Diagnose and Triage

Individuals with symptoms or contact tracing


Enable attendance at public settings, workplaces, events


Monitoring in public settings or with vulnerable populations

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