Merrow Medical

What We Do

Add Value

Adding Value Along the Supply Chain

We focus all our efforts on providing value added products and services, from innovative apparel products, to maintaining consistent in-stock positions on critical PPE.

We are able to service our customers with short lead times in addition to providing customer support that is fully integrated among our vertical stack of manufacturing processes. In addition to providing all goods and services in-house, the 330 sq. ft. Merrow building headquartered in Fall River, MA, allows for close proximity to northeastern cities and states as well as serving as a safeguard to all domestic markets.


Doing business with us means having access to manufacturing, warehousing, and dedicated customer support in one location, eliminating the delays in communication so that you can be sure you’re getting everything you’re looking for.

"We are introducing sustainability in the supply chain for healthcare products; with regional US based manufacturing producing 100% recycled and recyclable products. This requires innovation and an aspiration to create enormous environmental impact while improving the security of supply for American healthcare providers."
Charlie Merrow