Merrow Medical

Commitment to Sustainability

Merrow has built a supply chain for medical products that is 100% sustainable, at scale and in the United States


Closed Loop


Powered by Solar Energy

Proximity to Healthcare Markets

USA soda bottles to USA yarn to USA Fabric to USA medical products

Why it's Newsworthy...

In Fall 2021 we have robots testing PPE, gowns that come from soda bottles, and we’re geared up just AS Delta NEEDS US
During Spring of 2020 our industrial base couldn’t support PPE production – and now with Merrow/PFG we can. Our investment in technology is game changing and allows commercial fabrics to enter the medical space safely. Our partnerships are Academic & Federal. We have invested in making the industrial base bigger/stronger AND far more flexible. 
We are enabling public and private healthcare to solve TWO problems at once: commitment to sustainable practice AND security in their medical PPE supply
Federal, State and Private healthcare are onboard: Dr. Raney, Adm. Polowczyk, Gov. Baker, probably Gina Raimondo…
We ARE the tip of the spear. AND we have a portfolio offering of medical products with reliable delivery and white glove service
"We are introducing sustainability in the supply chain for healthcare products; with regional US based manufacturing producing 100% recycled and recyclable products. This requires innovation and an aspiration to create enormous environmental impact while improving the security of supply for American healthcare providers."
Charlie Merrow