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Since established in 1838, Merrow began as a sewing machine manufacturer and expanded into a soft goods apparel manufacturer. Merrow has earned the reputation of delivering high quality, durable, dependable technical apparel products.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Merrow invested in scaled the production of USA made healthcare products with the intention of dedicating resources to become a dependable medical supply chain during a time of increased uncertainty in the United States.


Today, the medical division is defined by one thing: adding value along the supply chain. With the help of our partners at the Precision Fabrics Group we are able to manufacture revolutionary medical apparel products, applying our world class design and development teams to introduce the world’s first Eco-friendly Net Zero medical apparel products made from 100% recycled materials. All Net Zero medical apparel products can be recycled at the end of each life cycle, addressing the world’s medical PPE landfill problems head-on.


In addition we are able to function as a medical supply store with the guarantee of warehousing and distributing valuable medical PPE supplies while serving you as a reliable domestic supplier. All Merrow made medical garments are met with the same promise: thoughtful in craft, function and dependability.

Yes, we are an FDA approved vendor.

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Yes we can! Within the Merrow building we have to ability to produce over 200,000 medical gowns a week and can fulfill custom orders and delivery schedules.

We do. Please contact [email protected] or call (508) 689-4095 to discuss your specific needs and qualifications.

Our Net Zero line of products can be recycled at the end of their life within your medical facilities recycling program, or can be shipped back to our facility and we’ll do it for you!

"We are introducing sustainability in the supply chain for healthcare products; with regional US based manufacturing producing 100% recycled and recyclable products. This requires innovation and an aspiration to create enormous environmental impact while improving the security of supply for American healthcare providers."
Charlie Merrow